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What is MindOrks Android Online Course for Professionals?

Course Introduction

It is an online course in which you learn the industry standard Android development skills by the top professionals.

  • 1. Learn to build Android Apps using MVVM.

  • 2. Learn Dagger, RxJava, Architecture Components, Jetpack.

  • 3. Start immediately or choose your start date.

  • 4. Dedicated 24 X 7 mentorship support for 9 weeks.

  • 5. Learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

  • 6. Life-time video content access.


Online Course Syllabus

In this online course, you’ll learn best practices for Android and mobile development. By the end of the online course, you will have the skills you need to become a professional Android Developer.

Top Skills


Online Course Process

In this online course, you’ll learn through the videos with code explanation.

Stage 01


Stage 02


Stage 03


Road Map

The learning path of the training process.

Using MVVM Architecture, Dagger, RxJava

Learn to Build Android App Like Instagram

All students will need a personal computer that is capable of running Android Studio

Access to an Android device is helpful, but not necessary. You may use the emulator in Android Studio to run your apps if you do not have a physical Android device.

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Training Fee  ₹24,999 ($360) Including Taxes

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After Discount Training Fee  ₹17,493 ($252) Including Taxes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a completely online course. It's an online course with videos and study materials with doubt resolution and mentorship support.
The course is designed for 9 weeks in duration. You will get the dedicated 24 X 7 mentorship support for 9 weeks. However, the access for the course content will be for life-time.
You will be added in a dedicated slack group with mentors. You can post your query and it will be resolved that day.
Yes, this course will train an Android developer with latest trends and libraries. We teach RxJava, Architectural components, Asynchronous programming, and advanced software skills.
Yes, you can learn at your pace. 6 to 8 hours per week is enough.
You will be taught MVVM and Architectural components, which you are required to apply in the project during this course.
Your training will start from the day you join the program or you can choose your own date. It will be of 9 weeks duration from the day you start.
Yes, we will teach you Kotlin.
You can post your query and it will be resolved that day. You will also be provided with one to one doubt clearing sessions when required.
This course is designed for anyone with basic Android knowledge.
Yes, only basic knowledge of Android is required to take this course.
Yes, RxJava and Dagger will be taught and you will apply them in a project during this course.
Yes, the best practices in Android and software development will be taught.
Yes, industry recognized MindOrks training certificate will be provided at the end of the course.
This course will prepare you with the right skills and knowledge to crack interviews and work effectively in any company. You will be prepared to become a part of the top 5 percent Android developers.
For learning MVVM Architecture, we will develop a stripped down version of the Instagram Android app in this course using all the latest technologies.
Yes, we will refer the bright students of the program to the top companies.
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